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San Francisco To Host First Annual Bicycle Day Parade

Outrageous Kesey Piece Sold At Beat Book Auction! 

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Posted on 11 April, 2014

Blotter Art News: New Mark McCloud Interview

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Posted on 7 April, 2014

Timothy Leary Signed Profile Blotter Art available at Shakedown Gallery

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Posted on 5 April, 2014

Rainbow Jimi Blotter ArtJimi Hendrix across the Rainbow Bridge
Blotter Art Catalog by Mark McCloud for The Holy Transfers of the Rebel Replevin Blotter Art show at the San Francisco Art Institute’s 20th Anniversary of the Summer of Love exhibit in 1987A copy is in the private collection of the Shakedown Gallery and is a must have for a thorough blotter art collection. 
"Bardo Being" Blotter Art by Alex GreyLicensed by CoSM and used with permission. Available with other Blotter Art at Shakedown Gallery.
"St Albert" Hofmann Bicycle Day Blotter ArtCreated by Alex Grey to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Discovery of LSD. 
Available with other Blotter Art at Shakedown Gallery.
Owsley Stanley Blotter Art
Available with other Blotter Art at Shakedown Gallery.
Guy Fawkes / V For Vendetta / Occupy Blotter Art
by Randal Roberts
Available at Shakedown Gallery

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